Contact 4 stations in Okayama City plus one Japan Award Hunters Group (JAG) member on or after April 1, 2009. Japan Award Hunters Group (JAG) member does not need to be Okayama City.

If the Japan Award Hunters Group (JAG) member contact is one of the 4 in Okayama City, this fifth contact is not necessary.

The applicant can use the E-mail .The application charges are free. this rule is DX only .

※ We assume that 「8J1JAG」「JQ1ZPH」you contacted is same as a jag member bureau.

to: Kurosaki Yuriko (JR4IKP)    12-6 Handa-cho  Kita-ku  Okayama City  700-0003   JAPAN

700-0003 岡山市北区半田町12-6 黒崎百合子 (JR4IKP)